About Us

About Lauri

Are you looking to experience life in a different way?

My name is Lauri Feagans. The idea for Untamed Wanderer came to me after my kids had grown up, moved out and started their own families. It was when I realized I had no idea who I was. I had spent so much time taking care of others that I forgot about myself. I have rediscovered my love of travel, adventure, learning, community, and the need to follow my heart. I am so passionate about trying and learning new things. It is pretty safe to say I will try almost anything once! I have been an entrepreneur for the better part of my adult life, so it only made sense to follow my passion again.  My hope is that I can remind women that there is a big and beautiful world just waiting for us to claim, if we are willing to take that chance.

Our Mission

Our mission statement is “Putting love into the universe one soul at a time.” Our box brings joy and happiness to your mailbox once a month with a different themed subscription box. This will be an exciting or unusual experience for those who want to try new things or expand their way of thinking. When we feel good about ourselves, we cannot help putting love into the world. One box at a time, one adventure at a time. 

Who Do I Work With?

I work with women who are adventure seekers, independent thinkers, creatives, travelers, readers, and outdoor lovers.

How Do I Help?

I help by offering something fun into their life delivered straight to their home. By offering a community of people with like interests where they can learn new things and interact with others. An unusual and exciting experience (adventure)-these don’t have to be just a grand trip, but we can have this in our everyday life if we chose to see life that way

What Sets Me Apart?

My brand follows a story of somebody living this life, nurturing a sense of creativity, and learning who they are and what they like. I expose seekers and independent thinkers to new things and ideas.